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Riders Of The Cosmic Circuit
The Dark Side of Superconsciousness
by Tal Brooke

The "Riders of the Cosmic Circuit" are those who emerge from that rare explosion into superconsciousness called enlightenment, an exalted state attained by a mere fraction down the ages. Family and friends no longer recognize them, as they have changed on a fundamental level. Claiming Godhood, they operate behind an unreadable mask, manipulating those around them who believe their claims to deity. To onlookers they have an unknowable intelligence.

If enlightenment is like a black hole in deep space whose event horizon descends into blackness, what measuring stick can the normal mind use to judge those who claim to be enlightened and "One with God." How can anyone judge those who claim to be as above ordinary human consciousness as it is above the awareness level of the ant?

Riders Of The Cosmic Circuit explores this deepest of conundrums. Something seems to possess the human hosts who have willfully abandoned the controls of their souls, wills and minds in this all out quest for Godhood. Is there a dark side to this superconsciousness and does it have motives beyond the reach of most people? Is it capable of deception and evil, and is there a pattern or map we can use to understand this alien terrain?

A powerful source suggests that superconsciousness in reality is a state of perfect possession -- a figure-ground reversal of all claims to Godhood. Some disturbing patterns emerge as the present quest examines some enigmatic and shrouded aspects of three of the most famous and powerful Riders of our era, who have been at work in India and beyond, magnetizing followers and capturing lives.

From the Publisher: this End Run Publishing edition was released in April, 2002, and is the Special Millennial Edition, featuring over 100 photos and graphics in context. It has added material not found in any previous edition as well as a new final concluding chapter.

ISBN: 1930045018; (April 2002) $20.95 includes the Media package deal of the price of the book plus shipping and handling via Priority Mail within the United States.

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