One World
by Tal Brooke
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One World reveals why America's rapid descent is no accident and why once great liberties have been erased through staged crises . . . to bring in a New World Order. To set up this global police state there has been betrayal at the highest levels over a na´ve, trusting public. We are now in a dangerous interlude before the trap closes. If the public fails to wake up in time, it will forfeit freedoms long taken for granted. A whole way of life is at stake and time is running out. A wake-up call is the primary purpose for this book, exposing a sinister plan that will take your breath away once it comes into view.

Yet it is also true that the growing Leviathan of world government cannot break through as long as America and the free world stand in its way, mindful of their former prowess and virtue. America and the Western world is fighting for its soul. Be assured that it will take your breath away when you suddenly recognize the pattern laid out in this book.

One World was recently featured on World Net Daily. Please read Geoffe Metcalf's exclusive interview with Tal Brooke (click here)