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The Mystery Of Death
by Tal Brooke

The mystery of death--which to most is the greatest mystery of the ages--has now been solved allegedly through certain "scientific breakthroughs" revealed in Life After Life, the 1970s bestseller. In it and subsequent books, Near death experiences are described by those who have "come back" in images as wild and baffling as anything in the movies.

Predictably, as powerful digital special effects have rapidly advanced, movies such as the academy award winning film The Sixth Sense and What Dreams May Come have been able to convincingly portray the latest paradigms of the afterlife. These and other films show digitally enhanced scenes of the deathplane, beings-of-light, disembodied spirits, souls in an intermediate plane awaiting rebirth, astral planes, psychic contacts to and from the other side, non-human entities, astral travel, mediums, channeling, earthbound spirits, as well as a host of other things—all previously described in an array of bestselling books and now a cornerstone of New Age thought. Those with the most celebrated near death experiences have gone on to become media superstars, selling millions of books while appearing on primetime television.

But is this new paradigm of the afterlife what really happens at death? Or are such experiences—and that’s the key—a spiritual cocktail for a modern age that has been adrift and perplexed? Is it a symptom of a culture that has lost its spiritual roots and is desperate to embrace what turns out to be one of the oldest occult terrain in history?

The Mystery of Death contends that there are realities that need to be considered in order to get the full picture. At stake is what happens to the human soul whose worth is beyond measure.He has authored nine books and his work has been recognized in Marquis Who's Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Contemporary Authors (Vol. 93-96), and The International Who's Who of Authors. He received an EPA first place award in the critical review category. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Princeton, Tal Brooke has spoken at Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton, and other top universities.

>From the Publisher This Millennial Edition, published in August of 2001 by End Run Publishing, is an extensively updated edition of The Other Side of Death, containing 40 percent new material, 100 photos and graphics, as well as several completely new chapters.

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