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From The Radio/TV Interview Report

"I've rarely seen the phone lines light up like this," KBRT's Rich Agozino remarked after 2 hot hours of discussing One World with author Tal Brooke.

LA commuters were flooding phone lines to passionately respond to Brooke's claims that . . .
  • A New World Order could arrive almost overnight and be unlike anything the world has ever seen, affecting every life on the planet.
  • The utopian future of universal brotherhood portrayed by today's power players and spin artists is a deceptive misdirection, creating a dangerous passivity and false optimism in the public.
  • The transition into a New World Order requires a docile and trusting public willing to believe the "experts," while gradually surrendering critical freedoms, especially during staged crises.
  • The financial, military, political, and spiritual arms of this powerful agenda have an interlocking purpose that gives the plan almost irresistible power.
  • Take a reality check. Political correctness and multiculturalism appeared out of nowhere and have become a straight jacket that reduces most dissent to impotent whispers. You can't even make a public value judgment reflecting the "old morals" without paying a price--effectually ending true freedom of speech after 200 years.
  • One World is a broadband exposure of the major frontiers of change that have been redefining America and the West for over 40 years. To be ignorant is to lose more than you can imagine. One World is a vital wake-up call at a critical time.

Tal Brooke has been interviewed by:

The O'Reilly Factor Newsweek The Chicago Tribune Washington Post San Francisco Chronicle
LA Times USA Today India Today ABC Town Meeting Fox Network News
"EXTRA" newsmagazine MSNBC ABC News-KGO NBC News-KRON Marlin Maddoux's Point of View
Janet Parshall's America Andy Anderson the Dick Staub Show BBC 1 BBC 2

and countless other media sources

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